10 Tips of Success

  1. Proper time management

We all have 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. Pause.

But why would one person say that they cannot accomplish their goals? What is the reason for that? Obama has 24 hours, Mufti Menk has 24 hours, You and I, add the math! What differentiates us? What makes one person an achiever and the other, a failure? I know someone chilling in some back seat is blaming fate for all their misfortunes, right? Okay. Wrong.

Managing our time has become a snag especially now that we have social media. If you don’t keep track of your time, you might find yourself using more than half of your day just sending emoji’s from one group to another and forwarding cliché messages from one paramour to the next. At the end of the day, your time is your valuable; you should know best how to treasure it!

  1. Define your priorities

It is usually good to list your priorities according to their prominence. Let us look at this list:

  • Revising for ACCA exams
  • Researching for my project
  • Cooking for my family
  • Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta

Once you start with what is the most important of all your activities, you are likely to be at a better place and you can sleep like a baby, I swear.

  1. Set a schedule

All successful people have plans. They set their schedules and ensure that what they have set out to do, they accomplish by all means. Infact, while setting up the schedule, you should put into consideration any uncertainties that may arise; so that you know that your program is not really much affected by anything that comes up that you had not prepared yourself for.

  1. Give yourself deadlines

You can have some manila papers where you jot down all your dreams and aspirations and all the plans you have for yourself. This encourages you to keep moving but you should never forget to estimate some deadlines of your own; it’s what we may call self-disciplining your inner self.

  1. Choose your friends well

My friend, if you did not know that some ‘friends’ ruin you; I think you should learn now! Have friendship with people that want to see you grow and also value your progress. People that motivate you and push you to the right place you should be. Don’t underestimate this- a little bit of drama can divert you from your objectives and we got no time for that, right?

  1. Delegate duties

If there are certain activities that you can leave out to be manned by someone else- well and good. A good planner knows how to properly plan themselves to exceed their expectations and to also see their management potential. Don’t be the one that does everything else- you can let others do the work for you- delegate and still take the credit!

  1. Be good-always

Some people feel that it is not quite urgent to be good people. But personally, I attribute kindness and good nature to like 75% of my success. I believe that in helping people, you earn blessings from God, the people and even if someone has something against you, your weapon is your kindness. Kindness is like a pearl in our hearts without which our hearts are just empty shells. In my university life, I have seen and also interacted with people that care less about people, they ignore others voluntarily and when I trace back my roots, I sometimes wonder if that is something they were never raised to adopt or it’s just that the hearts are of different species- well, it could be. Still, Be good- always.

  1. Read

This is so essential. Every successful person I know of, reads. Reading widens our scope of understanding, enlightens and also makes us better people. You are not supposed to restrict yourself to only the Business books or Engineering books that you are obliged to read due to the course that you partake. A person who wants to make a name for themselves has a non-quenching thirst for knowledge.

  1. Be a stiletto in a room full of flip-flops

You need to always stand out, confidently. Trust your instincts, trust your abilities and go for your success. Give your best shot so that no one says that you are that way because of them. Let the gospel spread that you are that way because you are different. You are a rare species- they don’t make your type anymore.

  1. Pray

Did anyone ever tell you that the power of prayers is amazing? That prayers work? Therefore, I saved the best for the last. To be successful, you need to know God. You need to ask Him to guide you. You need to ask Him to remind you that whatever you are doing is for the benefit of your community first and then your own self- that you want to better the less fortunate then yourself- that your definition of love lies in seeing more smiles in those that are under-blessed. Pray that your money doesn’t make you forget the most important aspect of who you are. Keeping it humble all-round-the-clock.


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