17 minutes of Victory

Hello fans, I had terribly missed connecting with you! Taking this opportunity to announce the winners of the Cooking Competition. Congratulations Nura for your amazing recipe, followed by Layla and Lalbib. Keep Cooking and a lot awaits you! This is actually not the main reason for the post, let us get to today’s Breaking News!

Have you guys ever heard about ENACTUS? Well, I bet some of you have no idea of what I am talking about! ENACTUS is an International non-profit making organization that is committed to reconfiguring the livelihoods of communities through projects and at the same time, serves to nurture business leaders through the art of Innovation.

After a year of dedication, the ENACTUS members go for the National Expositions in Nairobi where they showcase what impact they have had for their communities, pitch the ideas to a panel of judges and the leading team, the Champions, go for the ENACTUS World Cup that is where they compete with other teams globally.

Well, well! After my team’s defeat last year by ENACTUS Africa Nazarene, we did not lose hope and we knew that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. ENACTUS Africa Nazarene represented Kenya in Johannesburg, South Africa and we did not even manage to make it to the Semi Finals. Hilarious, right?

But confidence is what ENACTUS Moi is made of! We still managed to keep a smile, and we took some great pictures like we were the front-runners. However, we still managed to take an award, home. Award of being the “Team with the most number of members”, we got back to Eldoret, forgot about “Seed a Future” and “Something To It” because 2016 was what we were aiming for, call us “Eagles- watching over to the horizons”


Brainstorming of ideas started early this year and we forego everything else so that we get to our destination. Thursday meetings were compulsory and even though some members were never active, we still managed to get going! We were a courageous team, and for us, we believed that Courage is valor, it is a choice, it is willingness, Courage is You and I!

After thorough analysis of our projects, we came to a conclusion that we will present the 3 best projects “Como Deflouro, Chepkube and Afyakid”

Como Deflouro is an innovative term that means using a compound X to get rid of excess fluoride in water. Excess fluoride in water has been declared a national crisis by the National Government in 2015 and as a team; we developed a unique deflouridation filter that uses Calcium Carbonate from egg shells to remove excess fluoride in water.

The second project, AfyaKid involves the Immunization Coverage in our County, Uasin Gishu. According to the Uasin Gishu County Integrated Development Plan, 2013-2018 under immunization. Our County has an immunization coverage of 79% for children under 5 years which is way below the expected coverage of 98%. The Communication Authority Statistics 2016 shows that 37.8 million of Kenyans have mobile phones translating to upto 88% of the entire population. Taking this to our advantage, we developed a unique automated online system that we named, AfyaKid. Through SMS technology, the system reminds mothers when to take their kids for immunization by texting them 3 days prior to the day of Immunization.

Our third Project was Chepkube. Chepkube is a Kalenjin word that solely means “Hotpot” or “A preserver of heat”. This year, we took a leap into courageously impacting our society affected by the use of illicit brew such as Changa’a. We identified the problem and realized that unemployment was the leading cause of the abuse followed by idleness and lack of a steady source on income. We identified poultry farming as a solution to the quagmire. But why, you may ask? Uasin Gishu is the breadbasket of Kenya, most farmers are exclusively inclined to grain and dairy. Poultry is a gold mine, and even better, a gold mine that can be exploited and tripled using eco-friendly materials (mud, rafters and nails). Through innovation and equipped with technical skills, we developed  unique chick jiko brooders that have facilitated the breeding of kienyeji chicken and the enlarging of the small scale poultry farming for both the illicit brewers and consumers all over the Uasin Gishu County.

14th July. After spending sleepless nights rehearsing and trying to perfect our work, our D-day finally came to dawn. The function was taking place in KCB Center, Karen, Nairobi. We arrived for our Opening Rounds, half-asleep but all formal and in maroon! We tried to get as much time as we could get in between breaks, to sleep. Getting a ma-three that had all seats occupied and us being prompted to just hold on to the poles was our worst nightmare because that would mean, we could not take a short nap!

I remember, my friends were complaining all through the week telling me that “I am a vampire”, or “I should sleep, vitamin pills and energy drinks will kill me”. However, our team president, Jadline and our own ex-president, Diana made sure that whoever 6 of us presenters accidentally fell asleep, hahha, would have a pillow flung to their face! Daniel, Kelvin, Stephen, Annlinet, Joy and I were always on the run. Dozing off was a forgotten vocabulary! Our two IT guys were also in this list, Umar and Dominic. Sleep was for the babies, ENACTUS knew nothing of that, lol!

So back to 14th July. There were 5 leagues. “Mtaani, Aberdare, Maasai Mara, Tunga and Mavuno” The Opening Rounds started and we were grouped together with ENACTUS Karatina and ENACTUS PUK. We managed to defeat them and that meant that the race was getting tougher because only the 5 best were going to make it to 15th July, the Final Round Competition.

The Final Rounds had ENACTUS Strathmore, ENACTUS UOE, ENACTUS Africa Nazarene, ENACTUS USIU and ENACTUS Moi. The competitions were stiff because all the above had mind-blowing outreach projects. But we just held on to God and optimism.

I had prayed to the Almighty, sought His help and assistance to give us the strength to bear the results but most importantly, to make it to the ENACTUS 2016 World Cup in Toronto, Canada in the 28th to the 30th of September 2016.

I prayed that our 17 minutes of presentation was worth it.

I prayed that the Glory of Allah was with us, and the awards were being offered out. The certificates and the other special categories. Fingers crossed, we prayed earnestly, hoping that our ideas were liked and our PowerPoint presentation was startling.

ENACTUS UOE, applause from behind.

Tick tock, tick tock…

ENACTUS Africa Nazarene, applause that hit our ears like crazy. Some cries, some murmurs.

Tick tock, tick tock…

Winnie Nanjala, the Deputy Director of ENACTUS Kenya suggested that we all get on stage to dance because the results were going to be announced at exactly 4:28pm. We were getting nervous!

The music stopped, we got back to our seats and then,



It was one of the best moments of my life, paparazzi all over, K24 wanted to air us next week, professional photographers telling us to pose, one of the Safaricom managers personally asked us to work with them, they will mentor us and make us fully baked, well prepared for the productive Corporate World!

I cannot proceed from here, but I can say that I am proud to be one of the ENACTUS National Champions that will represent Kenya in Toronto Canada for the Finals. Alhamdulilah!




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  1. Kudos enactus. You did us proud

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  2. Great work Enactus Moi,we pray the best for you.

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