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Ten years is a lot of time and sometimes when I sit down and jot down my dreams, I feel that the list is endless. A long list means that sleep should be less and determination should be exactly 100%. Right now, when I look at the sky, I see some hope, the sun is giving out its light but then after sometime, it feels like a dream again, winter is back.

Funny enough, my dreams are not mostly attached to myself, they are not meant to build me, and they are for the people, the society. My dreams are not mega; they are love and humanity, peace and tranquility, the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, the dreams of mother Teresa.


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When I go out to the streets, my face turns away, I feel depressed because humanity has gone down the drain. People do not care anymore, it is skin that defines us, and it is our social standards, our status, our wealth and our beauty. But what about those that are not blessed with all this? Those that live each day like a nightmare, they have no food, no money to call their own; they are crying for our mercy, they are not blessed. What can we do for them?

I now will answer that, where do I see myself in ten years? I do not see myself in any parliamentary seat, it is not my wish to give light then bring darkness. I do not see myself as a president for I am not sure if I can carry the loads of each and every of my citizen.

I see myself as the rebirth of Mother Teresa. I will teach humanity and preach love. I will tell people through my actions that poaching is bad, that animals are like us that they feel and love. I will ensure that children do not get separated from their parents, that people feel they are equal, that nothing is more important than being one.


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I see myself collaborating with peace-lovers and peace-based organizations, spreading to the far ends that understanding unity is not the language of the state house; it is the language of each of us. I see myself treading in the path less taken by people. I will overcome risks, spread innovation, focus on entrepreneurship and trends, success and technology to spearhead development of my nation.

I see myself establishing one of the biggest hotels in Kenya as a business and the biggest orphanage in the world, note: in the world. To me, money won’t be anything that is meant to be saved; money will be to give, to harmonize, to create compassion and to attach affection.


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In 10 years, I will be the Mother Kenya. The woman that people can go to anytime to seek advice, to communicate, to be listened to, to be shouldered, to be showered with endless love and never to be judged. In 10 years, this dream that is cloudy now will be the breath of my life. It will be what I live for, what I seek to become…

Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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  1. Waaah! Way to go! I love what I have read

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  2. I pray you achieve your dreams

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  3. indeed.. one day yes!! go for it girl….

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  4. may I live to see yo dreams come true

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