Eid is here❤


Allah created the universe
With plenty of beauties,bounties
And entities
Eid being a marvel
In His creation.
Its a jubilee a jamboree
Islam golden moments.

Laughter, smiles, joy
Foods, delicacies, cuisines
Outfitting, dapping, swagging
Visits,greetings, hugs
All in this finicky day
Commemorates agitation
In our islamic entity.
Its surely a spree.

Eid a cheerful day
Eid be the morning star
The star that shines,
That shines in a shiny
Shining cloud
Dont you admire this?
Dont you?
I suppose it to be a jamboree.

Eid is here
Embracing do not fear
Eid is a pearl
In the shells of oyster
Rise up and liberate
Jump and hail
‘Eid Mubarak’

Eid indeed a regal day
All this is ours
Ours for the taking
Ours for the loving
Ours for adorning
Amid our pride and passion
We shall slogan ourselves
‘Eid Mubarak’

Eid a sheen,
Deactivate all forms of sins
Attained in all sorts of scenes
Satisfaction let it be seen
I admit that we do all sheen,
Caution we be keen.
A jamboree I incarnate.

Eid an endeavour
Allah put up this favour
Exquisite and dainty forever
This majestic day never shover
Blessings absolutely covers
Its a jubilee, a jamboree
A spree
Islam sparkling moments.

By Hassan Farouk ❤


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