Farewell to my beloved guest

My guest, I feel like I have not offered you enough. Did my water taste bitter? And the food I made, did you enjoy? What about my hospitality, how do you rate that? And my love for Allah, did it come out clear throughout your stay in my house? Don’t leave me, please! I am so used to you because you have demanded nothing from me except that I should worship Allah more and thank Him for sending you to me.

And now, I am seated in this balcony remembering how amazing you are, you are light, do you take that? Tears fill my eyes and I am compelled to ask my wife if we will have you visit us again next year or will we be inches down the earth, maybe a food for faunas or maybe grass may grow around our graves, Rawdhatun-min-Riyadhil Jannah, can you relate?

We have very little time with you and it just feels like yesterday when you knocked our doors and we welcomed you, at first unsure whether we wanted to host you or not. Unsure whether we were ready to take the first gift you offered us, yes, to exempt ourselves from eating and drinking, and abstaining from evil, and backbiting and unkindness, and you told us that the King of Kings promises us Glad tidings if we toil and moil in your presence, but I tell you, I am human, did I do enough?


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You brought with you the Taraweeh, a prayer that you said we should offer to The Lord so that He may bless us, He may forgive us for our trespasses; He may keep us under His Bountiful shade forever. But we are so mean, my wife and I, we did not pray and yes, there are times we did pray but those were numbered days because you know, we had to buy some outfits for Luqman and Aisha and mahn, you know Eid celebrations are coming and we were not sure if our kids will get the best clothes. So what did we do? We left you inside the house and went out to buy clothes while neglecting a gift that you just bring with you once, the gift of Taraweh!

You told us that Satans were all chained and if it is evil then our souls were the beholder of that but we still left the Quran in the shelves, completely transformed into a house of spiders, filled with dust and pitiable a sight I tell you. And this Siyaam, I heard my wife saying that she finished her menstruation two days back but she still told me, “Ahmad, I am eating because I feel that it will still come out, mother nature games!” But no, my wife finished her periods two days back but she still pretended that it was still on so that she could get two more days to eat!


You brought us peace and tranquility and even though our bodies were starved, our souls were filled. You brought with you kindness, so much infact that the orphans and the poor wish and cry that you stay with us forever. But we took you for granted! I saw a miser feed the blind, a skinflint feed an orphan and yes, a cheapskate feed a less fortune. I have seen the Saudis help the under-blessed and the poor themselves help those that are still at a lower position than them. Who are you and why are you so kind?


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You brought with you a night that is better than a 1000 months, an equivalent of 83 years but mahn, that was wrong timing! It was time for us to go to Marina, eat mishkaki at Mubins, visit the beauty parlours to have our Eid orders booked and applied heena. We left the Masajid at such a time, Taraweh from 20 lines to 2 lines with the old occupying the lines and the youth, oh yes, I remember even my own Luqman told me he was going to Lighthouse to have some blast with his friends and my wife, she took Aisha to the saloon to have her eyebrows cut! But why, when we had a visitor at home? And now that I remember, I feel you are gone and I may not see you next year.

But let me be positive. I hope that we prayed and gained maximum benefit from you. I hope that we did not waste our time on this Dunya, this delusion, this temporary enjoyment. I hope that we have been forgiven by Allah during the time we spent with you and I hope that when we meet our Lord on the day of Qiyama, it is this short time that you stayed at our place that will act as a savior.


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I want to say good-bye, till we meet again. We will miss you. Who wouldn’t miss a guest that has brought so much love and unity between us all and who has made us strive hard to uplift one another, to guide and teach, to pray and preach, to love and to show compassion just because of a common term, that there is no God and no deity except Allah and that Muhammed, he is our beloved prophet.

It is my hope that while you are leaving us, we have taken much from you even when we are sometimes misguided by the Dunya, it is my hope that we have grasped and drunk from your well. We were with Shaheeda just at the beginning of your stay and she left us so soon and we don’t even know if we will get to next year to see you again but I urge you to come soon, to bring us back the night of power where when other people are having blasts in Casablanca and Sky-Blue, we tried our best to keep our heads to the ground firmly, crying and praying to Allah. Personally, I won’t lie to you, I will surely miss you and I hope to see you soon, Ramadhan…Walah, Laytakum Dawman Qareeb…




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