Happy father’s day to all mothers that play double roles

When everyone else was happily engaged with both parents, roles shared equally, this woman that did not have a husband, stood up and said, “No way, you will have it my daughter just like any other kid. You will have their clothes and have their meals. You will be fancy like them and if we don’t get the right tiara that is affordable to us, I will embroider one of your hair bands”

Photo courtesy:Salma Abdulatif

Photo courtesy:Salma Abdulatif

It was on the 18th of June, last Saturday when people all over social media were praising their fathers, how much their fathers have done for them, the changes that they have had because of their fathers. However, that day was not a father’s day to only the fathers; it was a father’s day to even the mothers that play double roles.

You go to school and meet this beautiful jovial kid and you say, yes, she is smiling because she is so happy, she comes from a rich family (narrow-minded thoughts that we keep) but have we wondered what is hidden behind that smile?  It could be that she is struggling to make ends meet, it could be that she is fighting some cancer cells in her body, it could be that her mother is the sole provider of all her comforts, it could be, yes it could be, unending and ocean-deep.

That is why they say, every human being has a story and if we sat down to listen to each and every of those narrations, we could let go of anger, envy, jealousy and contempt. Some stories can shake mountains, others can wet the desert and others can even relieve the pain of so many.  We may realize that maybe in another life we can read novels softly about arms of safety and learn to fall asleep on some silky hearts, who knows?

This reminds me of a quote that I read in one of my colleague’s blog posts “Sometimes a picture looks too pretty on a wall, then when you turn its frame and look behind it, you become disgusted on finding out that the frame is broken and the back of the frame is empty”

Let me get back to this beautiful kid. The delicate soul, a flower untouched but bruised by the words of the world, killed by the coldness of the society and drifted apart from everyone but her mother who could afford to wake up so early in the morning to wash the utensils of her master, cook food for her employer’s kids, tidy the rooms of the guest house just to get this much money to make her daughter smile. She never minded, what the society could say, and as a matter of fact, society always has something to say! When you progress, they envy you and when you are backwards, you are a shadow!

This woman, the mother of the beautiful jovial kid.

All through her life, this beautiful kid had only one goal, to make it big and make her mother bigger. This woman was the father figure she just noticed from the word, “baby, today, we will have Weetabix”, “baby, I have washed the socks you wore yesterday, we will wear those again today, okay?” “Keep your tin safe, I am not receiving any money this month because I broke the blender at my employer’s house” and she took loans and debts were hanging on her head like palm leaves but she never gave up because she was the mother of the most beautiful kid in the world and yes, she could never ever allow anyone to stumble upon her only belonging, her ray of hope, her existence after life made a big mockery and took all her conscious away. Men can be evil, can’t they?


photo courtesy:unknown

Today we won’t celebrate the men; we will celebrate the super mothers! These women need more than a standing ovation, they need love and affection, they need to see an oasis in the eyes of their children, they need to see fulfillment, enough fulfillment that can bury all the broken ends and create new rays of faultlessness.

When this beautiful jovial kid had school fees defaults, she had to beg to the neighbor, “Paul, nitakuletea pesa karibuni, mtoto amelemewa” and when she had no clothes, she had to knit her own to create good patterns so that when her daughter went out, people still salivated with admiration. Who does all this? Only a mother can love unconditionally, create happiness with no bounds and ensure that their children are safe and sound whichever the case.

If you have been blessed with both parents, feel over-privileged and love them infinitely. If you have a single-parent either through divorce or death, love more, and work more, your success is the success of your parent. And one day if you shine, she will proclaim, “My daughter, I was once a maid so that she could have a good life and today, I am a queen because of what she strived for me”

This beautiful jovial kid that people see in the streets, she cannot be underestimated. She is strong, has the most amazing of support that anyone could ever wish for and even when girls her age could flaunt about their dads taking them to picnics or being their main financers, she could still manage to raise her head up high and be proud of who the woman in her life crafted her to be.

She cried behind closed doors, was hugged by the demons themselves but she pulled through because she wanted to shine brighter than a constellation of stars, stand out, achieve success after success so that she can atleast offer her mother with all the luxuries of the world. Even when she had no one to stand as an authoritarian, she still managed to smile and remember that she could have fallen down but the fragile hands of the woman that swept the streets to get 20 pennies to buy them bread and milk, those hands did not stop believing in her, they did not stop painting her into a beautiful jovial kid.

Photo courtesy:unknown

Photo courtesy:unknown


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  1. you have covered mainly what it is like for a single parent..
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    • yeeess Happy father’s day to these beautiful women ever!

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  3. Am in tears. Happy father’s day to me

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