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Today we have a guest writer under Fashion and Design Category! Do we change our wardrobes? Yes or No? For the lovers of fashion, you will definitely like this! *P.S. to my Muslim Fellows, you can adapt the uniqueness in the designs but please leave the neck chains and male accessories away, hehe!!!


Fashion is something that we deal with in our everyday life and even those who say they do not care what they wear choose clothes every morning that speak a lot about them and how they felon each particular day. One sure thing in the world of fashion is change. Fashion designers are constantly bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books as well as television.

In my own thinking, fashion is the style, trend, talent and personality. I also think that fashion helps one express themselves and reveal their personalities in a pleasant and unique way. Through colors, materials and creative garments you can show to the world who you are as a person.

Also, unlike what people always think, fashion is just how one carries his or her clothes off and it does not matter how expensive or cheap they are. It is not just a comfort thing but it is meant for aesthetics, theatre and meaning. It always has to explain something to the audience.


Why fashion?
With passion any youth can take fashion as a way to create jobs for themselves and employ others too. Through showing to the world what they got, they can help improve on their designs. It gives the fashion designers a sense of belonging especially when they share or promote similar design idea that trends at a particular time.
It is through fashion that a model gets to explore a world of opportunities as it opens door to them and interact with not only fellow models and fashion designers but also the general audience who usually use their items and get to hear from them. For one’s idea to sell their mind, soul and mood has to work as a team. They must love what they do, have confidence about themselves and never mind what people think or will think about them provided they are doing the right thing.

‘I have to point it out that new trends and ideas in fashion are usually spread by musicians as well as other cultural icons. Once you have come up with a design, a fashion designer may choose to dress a musician or actor as it is in many occasions so that he or she may reveal to the rest of the world his or her work. Since the entertainment industry has a huge audience, it is spread faster and the whole world would want to purchase your idea in form of clothing or any other thing.
However, I note the fact that fashion has a number of challenges generally not on the fashion designers and models alone. It usually tends to create stereotypes and distance between models and other people especially their audiences. Those who go for a similar trend and design will also grove as a group while those who think that fashion is about what expensive clothes one can afford will elevate themselves to a higher social class. Summing, fashion is about fun and passion, above all humility keeps the spirit rising.
By Hillary Siwo

Author: salummy

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