Last Friday of Ramadhan Reminder by Abdul-Mutalib Saggaf

And as we are looking out for Laylatul Qadr, mosques filled with people seeking Allah’s blessings and forgiveness, we cannot fail to remember that today is the last Friday of this Ramadhan and we hope that we have come out clean and pure. May Allah guide us all…Ameen

Below is a gift from the well known Abdul-Mutalib Saggaf…

Ya Allah guide me and bless me and save me from myself,

for you it’s easy ; mountains could crumble at You merely saying ” Be.”

Ya Rabb shower me in your mercy, deliver me from pain,

my heart’s hurting because of this dunya again.

Ya Allah forgive my lack of sincerity every time I pray and how whenever I turn to you my reason is always the same.

O Rescuer of those who cry out for help I’m pleading to you to relieve me of everything I’ve seen.

I can’t thank You enough for allowing me the honour of knowing this deen and blessing me with friends who’ve become family instead,

companions who walk with me whilst we try to follow Siraatul Mustaqeem

and even though You remember the past we’ve long forgot, Ya Rahman, Ar Raheem,

it doesn’t matter to You – where we’ve been, rather, where we choose to go – and I pray with all my soul that our destination is Jannah.

May we all see it one day.

Ameen Ya Rabb alA’lameen

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  1. exactly ryt sagaf this is last friday of our holy moth Ramdhan

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