LOVE? by Mark Wandera

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Mark has come up with a programme that is going to infuse art with something that has never been done before. For artists, please do not miss out on this! A lot more is in store for you! Thank you, Below is a masterpiece by Mark himself, Get inspired!
I shed my tears not for you,
Because you love me
And I don’t you.
Life is an ocean,
Love is the boat you said,
I wish it was the case,
I wish I believed you,
I know I should,
But to love in the time of death is hard enough.
To love while I still have a fear within me ,
That the sky is going to fall soon,
Is hard my pretty thing.
So I beg you to,
Turn the radio louder,
And listen to the smooth jams of Sauti Sol,
And let the Good vibes leave you breathless.
Let the slow jam,
Make you turn off the lights,
And revel in the light of the candles.Yes, I think your lips are sweeter than a juicy apple,
Yes, I think your hips were sculptured by a sober Zeus,
And your skin from the finest star dust.
So let us stay together as would two witches on each other’s backs,
Let us play in the rain again like small children,
Let us age together,
And let our children run naked laugh and play in the mud.
Behind and beside the tank of our home,
Without ever mentioning the word love,
Because you asked whether I loved you,
I said let us change the topic,
And you said NO,
So the cup cannot go away.

You asked whether there ever was an us,
Whether you and I existed in my dreams,
And yes baby, yes we do,
But maybe you and I,
Are just letters I say,
Before I tell you…

Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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  1. hahahhaha awsome salmun…

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  2. Beautiful would be a great understatement. This piece is marvelous, for lack of a better word.

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