MTY Star, Rahim Mwatsahu

Salummy: Tell us about yourself

Rahim: I am Rahim Mwatsahu, a very simple person. At times, people say am ever smiling, but I believe my smile has its own charm. Smile to the world if you want the world to smile back at you. Am a great fan of nature and the environment. Always positive in thought, open minded, ready to learn, keen to understand, jolly and friendly. If you want an autograph, am ever willing to sign it for you.


Salummy: What do you do?

Rahim: I am currently a fourth year student at the Kenyatta University, I am in pursuit of a Bachelor in an Economics major. Am also a writer of articles and prospect to be a consultant in youth affairs soon.


Salummy: What are you passionate about?

Rahim: The main purpose of life is to help others and if you can’t, the least you can do is not to hurt them. I am passionate about helping others where I can. If you do something for yourself you will feel good and make history, but if you do something for someone, you will touch a heart and leave a legacy behind. I usually inspire people as much as I can. It’s a happy feeling when someone tells me they admire and look up to me. Life is not just about material and solid wealth, rather it’s the little things we do that really count.


Salummy: Interesting…Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rahim: Dreams are valid. That’s my greatest belief. As a kid I never had an answer to become a pilot, doctor or engineer whenever our teachers would ask our ambitions. All I have been dreaming of to date is to become a person with a great personality, with my own brand, a mover and a shaker. I still have a long way to go and given the 5-year grace period, I will not count the days but rather make the days count.

All I can say for now is that the future holds its own secret on the path that it will lead me to.


Salummy: What is your greatest achievement?

Rahim: With the prevailing rate of corruption in our country, even staying clean itself is an achievement (on a light note). I consider my step towards joining MTY as an achievement because it really expounds on my skills and knowledge as it also expands and broadens my network base. In so, I can be able to inspire more youth in a more established platform thereby giving me a greater voice. An achievement is not necessarily that which is recorded in the Guinness book of records but that which grows and makes you better by each day. Someone else’s achievement may not help you, but changing something to help yourself is an achievement by its own. MTY people are great! They are just my daily piece of apple.


Salummy: Aww. Can we do a lemonade toast to that? Okay. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Rahim: I want to be the kind of person whose presence is appreciated and absence felt. There is no kind of happiness like seeing someone smile because of you. I want to make this world a smiling world and in so doing, the world will be a better place to be in. I want to show people that there is always light in darkness and people should never lose the ray of hope that exists.


Salummy: Parting shot- what would you like to advice the youth?

Rahim: The talk of the youth is that you only live once. I advise, live wisely as life is not a trial. Live in this world in such a way that once your time is over and you have to bid the world goodbye, you leave happily and contented because you did your part to the best of your ability.

My other advice is that we should always operate with moderation. Have limits. The world system is such that it runs away from those who chase it and it chases the ones who run away from it.

Salummy: Thank you for inspiring me as well. I believe that together, we can achieve more. Have a great day.

Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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