My Weight Doesn’t Define Me

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While the rest of the female population is working so hard to get a flat tummy , and cut off weight,I always struggle to gain a kilo of two because “I’m way too skinny” in the eyes of everyone.
It has been hard growing up skinny and it’s still is.
In my society,a girl with the perfect chest and back and with a great shape (size 8 and the kind) are considered to be “beautiful”.
And my kind “the way too skinny” team and the “way too fat” team are considered “not okay”.
I,for example, I don’t go for one day without being told you are skinny.
At times people make fun of my chest and my back size.
They comment on how I eat and it doesn’t show on my weight.
And some even ask me if I have “boyfriend” issues that stress me and make me skinny.
My mom takes me every month to the hospital to get me a full check up because she believes “I’m not normal” just like the rest of the people in my life.
“Eat something”  is my everyday salaam.
Mind you,I eat as much as most of them eat or more.
To be honest,these comments get to me so much.
I laugh along and act like I don’t care but it really kills me on the inside.
It makes me wonder why I’m like this.
I’ve grown to believe I’m abnormal.
The confidence I have with my body decreases each and everyday.
This is not right.
Allah states in the Quran  ” We have indeed created man in the best of moulds” (Q:95:4)
Then who are you to question what He created?
If He (swt) wanted me to have the kinda chest or body you believe is perfect then He would have given it to me. But He gave me this, then who are you to judge me? Who are you to say this and that about my weight and body size? Do you know how much that affect us?

Photo Courtesy:Unknown

Today, I talk on behalf of every “way to skinny” types of girls out there,
Please don’t hurt us with your comments.
Keep them to yourself. If you think we ain’t beautiful,then move,or run,or hide your face or whatever people do when they see a “not beautiful” person.
You don’t really know how your comments affect us.
If you know what you say doesn’t make someone’s life better then why say it?
We already have our daily struggles. We miss on the best outfits because they don’t fit us.
There’s nothing worse than a top that hangs halfway down your chest because you ain’t got boobs to fill it. There is also that heartbreaking moment when the smallest size in the shop doesn’t fit you, plus everything you wear drowns you.
While everyone else is roaming around in light clothes,we are layered in clothes trying not to freeze to death. It’s not like we have any extra insulation, after all.
Do you really think we need those comments?

And for my fellow skinnies,who like me gets troubled by this kind of comments its my prayer we both grow to love ourselves and our bodies. Al-Mussawir made you,and you are beautiful just the way you are.

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Author: salummy

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  1. Well said. I say there are worse things than being skinny, like missing an arm, or a leg or even sight. Let’s appreciate ourselves. Thumbs up dear.

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  2. Awesome salmaaa
    Umegonga ndio
    Skinnyz lik I tunago thru ol that

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  3. Waah, you were so emotional in this!
    They must be really annoying, though I haven’t had a direct experience one’s reaction on such comments.
    Maybe what these people don’t understand is that height is a matter of chance while “unene” is somebody’s decision. Who knows you may be enjoying that size of yours?

    Anyway, I hope the message will get to those who have the tendency.

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  4. well said mommy

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