Puhlease Mummy!


“Puhliiz maaa!!! Why do you always have to poke your nose on my business?”

A normal question posed by many dotcom kids pretending that they know so much about life than those that held them cozy and intact inside the tummy for 9 good months. But now, it’s okay, the chest is out, the voice has become hoarse and yes, the curves are a sight to behold!

Who cares anymore about what the old hags have to say? They have gone past their generations and they have had their portion of fun, let us have our wine glasses now, ready to stir joy, let the old remain old!

Pathetic, disgusting, an observer watches from afar….

Have we ever sat down to contemplate what we could be without our mothers? Have we ever thought about how essential they are to us? That _ “I am coming” _when they are calling us humbly is being disrespectful. That mothers are jewels and they need to be treasured.

Funny enough, come mothers’ day, we have all types of pictures circulating about mothers. “I love my mother”, poses, selfies taken, others changed (edit-games gone strong), and others completely blurred to hide on the wrinkles…Really? Are our mothers just significant for a day?

The same women that we scold each day, the same women that are there in our ups and downs, these women that pray for our success before anything else, shame on us, if we can even say oof! when they call us!

And today when we have these weird boyfriends, these Mr. Chocolate and Strawberry that we get from Instagram and who will marry us on skype, we frown so deep when we are told something. Chest-front like warriors ready to fight, we head to the sitting room, check our mothers out like some trash and then blurt out, “wataka nini maa?”

Like some lightening, we get back to our rooms, our notifications are awaiting us…We kiss our Mr. Chocolates’ goodbye and leave the women that loved us infinitely hugging their pillows at night, sometimes wetting them with their tears thinking about our tomorrow.

       Like a rose she is,

      Easy to love,

      But what happens to me,

     When it comes to her?

     Do I fall out of love?

    When she demands of me?

    And I fall back in love

   When she has a gift for me?

She is here today give her the best so that when she is gone you won’t regret……

Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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