Scones topped with condensed milk-By Hamda







6.Milkpowder or even normal milk water

7.Condensed milk




1.Take a clean bowl and pour in two cups of flour.

2.Add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt.

3.Add 2 teaspoon of margarine oil or any cooking oil available.

4.Add yeast, milkpowder or watery milk.

5.Start mixing the ingredients.

6.Make sure the dough is soft dont add too much water or too much flour just like how you make chapati

or mahamri doughs.

7.when the dough is ready take a clean oven pan or even a'sufuria' and wipe margarine oil or blueband

all around.

8.Make small round doughs adding cheese in the middle of each dough  placing them on the pan

following a round pattern.

9.Then cover the pan with a clean cloth so that your mixture can rise just like when cooking mahamri.

10.After few minutes you can place your doughs in the oven on medium heat or even on the jiko. Balance

your heat on the jiko not too much heat or too low.

11.keep checking after every 10 or less minutes till your scones change colour and look cooked. It will

mostly turn to colour brown.

12.When ready place it somewhere to cool.

13.Then take your condensed milk and pour it on the scones. You can pour as much condensed milk as

you like.



It can serve upto 5 to 8 people

Serve it with hot tea or even coffee

Can be served as desert too

Hope you enjoy…

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