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September has been extremely busy for me. Trying to push things one step harder and preparing for the Enactus World Cup that is just a week away. Nevertheless, I want to thank Allah who has brought me this far and thank all my readers for going through my work, that shows how much trust you have in me and I appreciate. Today, we have 2 beautiful ladies: Amina Khamis and Guljan Abubakar who were my classmates years back in Sheikh Khalifa, they will be sharing their views about Social Media and how it affects us in general. Sit back, enjoy and give your feedback!


SK: What makes you different from other girls?

Guljan: My personality makes me absolutely different from other girls. I believe that each person is different from the other, and the difference comes in the way each person behaves, reacts, interacts and associates with the environment.

Amina: This may not be a unique trait but one thing that makes me stand out is that I am humble (hey, no pun is intended, lol). Rather than bragging about myself, I always allow other people to sing my praises. Pride and ego are the root of disaster.


SK: How does Social Media affect the youth?

Guljan: Social media has both positive and negative effects on the youth but the negatives outweigh the positives. Social media has pretty cool new tools everyday creating a massive impact on the youth. It impacts upon young people who are growing up in an age where media is not about broadcast content from the TV, but is all about interactivity, multimedia and multitasking. About 67% of Facebook  users comprises of the youth and students, so this complements the fact that the youth have more focus and relations to the media than any other person. The negative use of social media occurs when the youth involve themselves in unethical activities in the media portal, sharing of useless information and posting images that are injurious to individuals and national dignity.

The main reason youth are turning to digital connection is the fear about traffic or “stranger danger” which is caused by restriction on how much young people are allowed to go and socialize. They engage in constant communication with their peer groups using a wide variety of different media devices each day.  It is easy nowadays to touch the soft spot of youth through instant messaging, social networks, and online games among other tools. They are growing up in a constantly connected society.

Amina: This is a broad question since there exists both negative and positive effects. We are simply impacted by what we allow to influence our lives.  The most obvious positive effect is that it helps to develop our social skills as well as keep us up to date with the current affairs. The major down side of it, though is that we have made social media our first priority.  Most teenagers aren’t really what they post to be as they feel the need to change by comparing themselves to the people they see in the media.


SK: Great! Do you feel that Social Media is a necessary evil?

Guljan: In my view, social media is not a necessary evil. You just have to know your circles and limit your boundaries while interacting online. Not every active user is a good friend. Some will influence you sexually; others will tempt to be just “good friends” with you. So, it’s upon individual effort to decide who to befriend on the social media platform. It is likely to say that social media is creating awareness for youth in better living styles, it’s a swift source of information and entertainment for youth’s interest and it is likely that the media is a great facilitator for youth in the field of education, although not all information posted online is educative.

Amina: Well, this is a tricky one, more like a double-edged sword. We won’t get to the end if we start discussing its pros and cons. It’s a reliable and effective tool, yet again; it can be dangerous if wrongly used.


SK: I love the way you guys are responding to the questions. In your views, which social media platform exposes more vices and has ruined the integrity of many?

Guljan: There are millions of satanic platforms that have exposed the youth to vices and evil communication. There are websites such as and that have exploded in popularity. Facebook and Instagram platforms have their own vices but their usage is a bit safer. Such platforms provide users with questions to answer and in some cases to share the questions on sites like Facebook. The anonymity provided by the sites has made them a hotbed for sexual pressure, bullying and abuse. Majority of users of these sites are youth.

Amina: It goes without saying that Instagram takes the lead in this. Due to Instagram, some people are more concerned about the 13K followers they’ve got than the handful of friends they have in real life. We know of fellows who feed their “followers” with very personal photos or videos which may be wise to share with only friends and family. These same people get offended when judged from their posts. What an irony?! No offence but what is the use of showing these to the general public just to keep your fans updated? Unless you are Kim K, we are never gonna understand this!


SK: Amina, you have cracked my ribs! Unless you are Kim K, girl bye! Okay, what advice do you both want to give to youth who are completely addicted to Social Media platforms?

Guljan: Well, we cannot absolutely quit using social media. The best remedy is to control and minimize our time usage. Schedule more quality time away from technology driven activities; go out with friends for camping or anything that will divert your attention from being online 24/7. Limit your social networking time with strangers, have focused goals in life and work towards achieving them. People are making billions of dollars every day from social media while majority of the youth are busy increasing vices in the society, it’s upon individual effort to improve their connectivity by either being always available online or focusing on sharpening your career to the next level. The choice is yours!

Amina: Haha, I am a victim of this myself! I have read and read ways to quit this addiction but none has got to me yet. (Or I am just not self-disciplined?) Pardon me, but I’ll let this pass. Lemme hear what advice you’d offer to the likes of Amina.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Amina and Guljan for joining us today! Have a splendid Sunday, everyone!

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