Tell me the truth

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Vincent, this is for you! For those that don’t know him, he is my poetry-partner and he performs spoken word. Our poems have always rhymed mostly because we are used to collaborating on the same… Have a look, the curtains are now open…

Tell  me the truth
Can’t  think about it again
Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth about the day you coveted with another man and asked me to move in with you

I want to know if you want me because  you can’t  live without me or because you can have me?

Tell me the truth
I want to know if you really erased me from your heart
Tell me that you just moved in with him to make me jealous and u still love me

#tell me the truth?




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Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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  1. nice peace dear and well said …so many girls ends up loosing there really love due to money let’s as think b4 we act

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  2. The poem is an exact tell of somebody’s love story..Its like you understood what was going on in their minds

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