The assets of a gentleman

We sometimes tend to ignore men’s fashion and we settle for the idea that men just don’t suit to look dashingly good. Well, that is a definite no! I personally think that we all need to start checking on how we are going to dress our husbands for even that family picnic. Are you ready, girls? Tighten your belts, men! Don’t forget to share, like and comment.

  1. Suit

We can all agree that men look stunning with suits in any official event. I know that your mind is telling you that a black suit goes for any occasion; however; I would recommend a navy blue suit because a black suit works well with a person of a darker complexion and dark hair. However, depending on your pockets, and your taste and preference-you can still keep a black suit with you!


Navy Blue Suit

  1. Good quality T-shirts

T-shirts to a man are like hijabs to a woman. More clarity, okay! Once a man has more than one T-shirt, then he can easily blend them with jeans or trousers. The option can be made better by purchasing multiple colors to appear more stylish.



  1. Jeans

Every guy looks good in denim jeans. However based on people’s diverse tastes, sometimes getting the perfect pair of jeans can be a struggle. If it’s the Lee tapered slim or the pistol jeans, make sure you wear what makes you happy and more important- what makes you stand out.



  1. Loafers

Loafers are a trendy retro-style! Back from the 30s, these pair of shoes still give you that style and swagger you need to carry with you each day. The preferred color to keep would be black but if your pockets are still full, purchase a brown apron loafer as well!



  1. Sweat pants

A man wearing a sweat pant with a great shirt is nothing less than fashionable. These pants can be a great twist from your usual jeans and then can be worn casually from Friday to the happy hour to make your weekend rocking.


Sweat pants

  1. Time Piece

Magical is the man that would check the time on their time piece on their wrist instead of gazing on their IPhone 6. Watches make a man appear focused and on the move.



  1. Belt

Sometimes that denim jeans that you wear doesn’t fit or it looks so loose on you, you would want to throw it off. Well, one of the most essential wardrobe staple for any guy is a quality leather belt that can match with any jeans or any trousers that just doesn’t feel right without.



  1. Wallet

From the designer types e.g. Gucci, Tommy Hulfiger, HugoBoss to the diffident selections, there is usually an option for every man. Depending with your cash in hand, you can always get something to keep your money and cards safe.



  1. Wayfarer

You just have to walk with designers to feel like one. Well, Ray Ban wayfarers which are still as trendy as when they were first invented give you a perfect good look on that Sunny day and that can be a great move to keep your wife staring at you realizing that her choice was definitely good.



  1. Every-where-bag

In this generation of laptops and smartphones, men are even compelled to have their own bags. Not the normal totes that ladies keep with them but certainly something great to lay that laptop of yours into rest after a long day of using it.


Everywhere Bag

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