Hello good people.

I am hoping you had a lovely week and you have managed to keep warm through this cold season.

The cold weather has peaked in Nairobi, Central and Rift valley of Kenya and it is not that pleasing. We still have a long way to go since this cold element will persist until late August.  For the people who love to wear light clothes, they need to adapt to this cold and wear warm clothes. If you wake up to a warm and sunny day, take advantage and dress down.


“Boyfriend trend” has been there for a while, where women incorporate men outfits to their wardrobes. We have boyfriend pants, shirts, shorts, sneaker and more. With time, women are borrowing more dressing ideas from men for their outfits.

If you are that lady, who looks at a guy’s outfits and imagine how you would look in them, do not be shy, you simply love men outfits. This does not mean you are a tomboy. A lady can wear boyfriend outfits and look sexy and classy effortlessly.




-White boyfriend shorts.

Shorts have been there for the longest time ever, both for male and female. There exist a variety of sizes, designs, colours and fabric. Depending on your style, have several to wear to an outdoor afternoon event, beach, nightlife and indoors. Ladies are advised to wear shorts if and only if they have ‘nice’ legs. There is no actual definition of ‘nice legs’, so if you are comfortable in shorts, go for them. Boyfriend or unisex shorts are necessary.

For the men, shorts are good casuals. Fashion rules, are that for a start, if you have hairy legs, avoid shorts. However, rules are made to be broken. If you love shorts, let not the hairy legs discourage you, wear them.


-Red lace top.

Lace is trending. With variety of lace outfits from tops, dresses to skirts, add one or more to your wardrobe for a casual and official look. Play around with colours and patterns to complement your outfits and accessories. If the lace top is too revealing, wear a vest beneath and a black bra.

-Blue sneakers and beaded anklet.

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