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What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “writer”? A writer is someone who is able to scribble anything that comes to his/her head. If there is someone that can indirectly tell you their secrets, it’s a writer! Writers are squeegees, they absorb and they send back to the world.

Today I want to have a heart to talk with my readers. Good talks that will make them acquaint with me and even with the other writers they read from.

Precious readers,

Writers have problems. Very big problems and one of the main one is Writers Block. This is a condition experienced by writers where they simply get a creativity slow down and they somehow cease to own their pens, they become dumb. To make it more fun, this is just a holiday for writers. So when you see SK not posting much, know that she is in some holiday in Maldives, busy thinking about the next blog post!

Have you ever heard about this saying (reminds of Eddy Ashioya, haha) don’t date a writer? Well, second issue of writers is that they are not datable! Writers are the weirdest beings you can ever know. They are either crazy, mad, eerie, or pure genius! They are not datable again because everything inspires them to write, have a moment, a write releases the rabbits! Frazzled, he writes! Euphoric, the pen becomes the savior!


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Third issue, a writer will never show you his/her rough drafts! Did you know that writers can sometimes just write one piece at a go and they can at other times write one piece a 1000 times and still feel that, “oh man, my readers will never like this!”

It was around May and I was in Malindi for holidays. I was tempted to write more than 10 pieces and you would wonder why and how. Okay, writers need peace and serenity to express themselves. The sea, some good calm place, nature and sometimes some soothing music! Personally, and this may seem funny but I would listen or try to read something really emotional and it may drive such a wild storm of emotions and that is the time, I get something to carve.

Writers have less time to hate! Yes, you know why? Because they have the most lovable thing in their hands, their pens! And all the writers I know may attest to this. On a personal level, I know Eddy Ashioya (one of my favorite writers), Lubnah, Okumu, Teiya, Soh Ojiambo, Gabriel Dinda, Charles and Saggaf. All these writers splatter happiness and joy! Do you know why? Because writers have no time to hate, they express through their pen! Spread the ink and spoil the world, that is our mantra!

Have you guys ever watched a Bollywood movie? What happens when this handsome man looks deeply at his beautiful lady? She shies away, right? And they move from tree to tree, the lady hiding, heaving heavily wishing that her guy never gets to see her and at the same time, she pulls her veil so that the color draws his attention! I am a lover of Bollywood and I know that so many people will say that those scenes are so stupid and lame, right? But that sends a whole surge of emotions in my mind and I get tempted to write!”Sanam re moments” “Kabhi Alvida na Kehna moments” “Hamari Adhuri Kahani moments”, This issue may not be an issue for other writers but as SK, Bollywood plays a major role in my writing, lol!


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Writers are readers! That is not even debatable! I was not born from the lands of the whites, how would I have known how to write? Writers read! And for this, I will recommend my writers to check out some of my favorite books. Who knows? You might start writing as well! “Beneath the lion’s gaze”, “The winner stands alone” by Paulo Coelho, “Americanah” by Chimamanda Adichie, “The heart of a woman” by Maya Angelou and “Suubi” which is a collection of short stories.

All writers have “Alone time”. At this time, they are less bothered by people; they are in their own shells. These times are Yoga times for writers. They meditate, they don’t talk to people much, and they get to their own world. Some writers watch something at such times to derive inspiration, others go out for walks, others read and others just try to learn themselves more!

Writers are people that are not motivated by money, they are motivated by passion! It is true that we can monetize blogs and websites but a real writer has that at the back of his/her mind, main aim, FOCUS, MAKE THE READERS SMILE! We write to make you happy, yes, you Tiana, I know you are seeing this, smile now! Yes, Adnan, these posts are to make you leer after a dreary day!

The other issue with writers is that they all want to have their work published someday but are still trying to make ends meet. Its either funds are not there, or they are not psychologically ready or they are not confident enough! There is no writer who just wants to stick to a blog forever; we all want to take more strides forward! But to all writers out there, keep writing, we will reach there, one day that traffic will be real and one day that autograph business will be a reality!


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Leonardo da Vinci, he once said that “Art is never finished, only abandoned” Writers write pieces, sometime master pieces, but these pieces are sometimes never completed! I was communicating to a friend and I told him that I have 4 pieces and they are all one-paragraph old and I almost thought that I was about to experience a writer’s block when I decided to finish this piece!

The last issue about writers is they never know that they inspire so many souls! Writers may write for fun or for work but they always tend to forget that those pieces are shading so much delight and joy in other people’s cores! I noticed this when some of my fans told me to keep writing!

Closing remarks, did you know that Writing can be Writing? Writing can be Rioting? And Writing can be Righting? But on the Best Days, Writing is Writing, Righting and Rioting! Good day, my people! Don’t forget to follow @salmun_writes for motivational quotes!


Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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  1. With this kind of inspiration made just for me… The reader. sets my heart at peace and yearning for more,kudos my Arusa, keep the spirit burning

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  2. Beautiful read mashaAllah..and I couldn’t agree more on the “writer block”.

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  3. indeed you are a writer salmun

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  4. cant wait to read your motivational books

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  5. This is for me Sal…i loooove it. I once thought of writing about this but writer’s block ilinimaliza too bad hehe but you crafted it soooo well i like it Sal..

    Yours Truly,

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