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This article is by my friend, Ole Kamario who is a devoted Christian and believes in a certain belief that is also an extremely strong belief in the religion of Islam, that of not allowing any sexual behaviors (Intercourse) before marriage. I love how he has handled the topic, but for the Muslims, we still know that what works for us is just marriage, right? but this is a beautiful read, all in all!

In life not everything we desire will always come our way
Not everything we love will come our way
Not everyone we laugh with loves us

At times we say that it is unfair
The most worshiped goddess nowadays is Love
Now, how do you expect an idol to reciprocate
We are putting it before our Creator
Perverse generation indeed
Then why is it that love is unfair?

I am certain that you have been a victim of this so many times
Loving someone who does not love you back
Or rather the degree at which you love that person is way high compared to how he/she loves you back
We may say, we are not meant together but look, it is not because you love purple and I do, so we are meant together
Not because I  like an Audi model car(which I do) and you also do, so we are meant together

There is more which is hidden
We are encouraged not to DATE rather we should court
Its getting interesting
There is:
1. Dating
2. Courting
3. Engaging
4. Marriage

I can term dating as a silly and short-term relationship which is heading no where and that’s why any religious person is encouraged to court
since before courting there is a process of friendship which can take up to 10 years
After then we head to a serious relationship
As we court, we are encouraged not to have any kind of intercourse
We are not yet engaged not even married

NB/ Sex is preserved only of marriage
So before marriage (courting and engaging) we ought to remain pure and clean
So yeah, the friendship part where you know your spouse well is where we fail a lot

Nowadays guys meet up in a supermarket line and wink at each other,exchange phone numbers and call it a start
No, it should not be that simple

Singleness is a gift that should be warmly embraced and treasured
In this generation; any single person is taken to be less in the society
We should erase such
As single as you are God is preparing you for a great task ahead

A story is told;
A man went to a restaurant and ordered for a certain kind of meal,then after like 30minutes another man came and sat,the waiter gave him the menu and ordered but then this man who came after 30minutes was given his order right then.
So the first man politely called the waiter and said, “why is it that I made my order before that(pointing the second man) man and he is eating before me?” And the waiter answered ,”sir, the order you made was slightly complicated compared to his and that your order is being made .”

So what am I saying, you might have prayed and asked God for everything including your future spouse but you see others succeeded, engaging and getting married while you are still there
Let me encourage you today that the problem is not in you ,the order you made to God is being processed
God is perfect and a perfectionist, He always brings your perfect order

So pray for your wife who is yet to be
Pray for your husband who is being processed
Sooner than you expect, your order will be ready


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  1. Amazing indeed.
    Thanks for the publish pal.
    Be blessed

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  2. Sound and practical advice right here. I’ve really benefitted and I’ll forever remember this. (I’m not exaggerating)
    Let thee gospel spread!

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