The love story of the sun and the moon…

Photo Courtesy: Unknown

Did you know?

Did you hear?

Were you told?

about the love story of the sun and the moon,

and how the sun died each night just to let the moon breathe.


photo courtesy: unknown

What has he done to prove his love?

or were those endless nights all enough?

talking about a future that he would work on and waking up to booze just like any other time?

Did he prove how much he loved your pretty soul and that never again would he allow you to have your unborns killed?

Did he ever stop you from aborting or even decline to be the father?

What has he offered that we can compare to the sun?


photo courtesy: unknown

a bouquet of flowers?

a glass of champagne?

or were you just a trophy girl that he used to magnify his earnings?

Did he tell you not to answer Catherine’s call and she is just a secretary?

or did he remind you of the sunset resort where he was busy ogling at other ladies on their bikinis?

What does he remind you of?

of endless love or of being a concubine?

I tell you, I will remind you once again

of the story of the sun and the moon.

How the beauty of the moon was the pride of the sun,

and how much the stars shied away each night admiring their love…


photo courtesy: unknown


Author: salummy

Writers will always tell you about them through their pen....The power of the pen can transform hearts even a heart that has been plugged into darkness...

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  1. I love the piece am a big fun of romance and love stories

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  2. maa sha allah, its sooo beautiful sallu

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    • awwwww leo muko wapi? naona net net tu hahah.. love you dearie

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  3. salma i love everything i read on this post….

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