The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Okay, Hi everyone! It’s funny but I was thinking about what to share with you guys and I remembered my best reality show. For those that know me on a personal level will know that I am not a TV-sort of person. So for me, Tv isn’t bae, please bring me some ice-cream and see some maneno, lol!

You may feel that I get bored, right? That I don’t frequently watch, right? But to be frank, I watch Cinderella and Pitch Perfect in my dreams, I wake up in a nightmare watching Raaz, and I take a short nap without forgetting to carry with me the trailer of Empire! What do you get from these? Food for thought!

Again, I repeat movies aren’t my sugar and honey! It takes me 3-4 days to finish a movie unless under close supervision, lol! Talk about series, I don’t dare try those because how do you cross the Red Sea, if you don’t have the right lifesaver?

Basically, I don’t know how I got so attached to Real Housewives; I guess those were the effects of my Sexy Kikuyu room-mate, Dorothy. Mahn, this has just reminded me that we had such a fantastic sisterhood and we could do all sorts of silly stuff together. She even learnt the Coast dialect and learnt to cook some Arabian dishes.

So one day, when I had just dashed into the room from a long day of unending debates with my lecture, I just threw my scarf purposely to get the attention of Dorothy but that fell on dead eyes! I moved closer to her and I saw her completely engrossed on a certain show, chuckling her tummy out and she said, “Salma, if you are naïve, these fine ladies will surely show you something dissimilar! Give this series, a watch!”

At first, I was like okay, where do I start watching like 8 seasons? But I started with season 7 and Gosh; I was taken aback because Real Housewives was all that I had needed for a looong time. The reality show comprises of 6 main American ladies that are all so care-free and with an IDGAF attitude. The whole show is drama beyond drama, a perfect answer to a gloomy day!

I will focus with the main 5 drama queens that have made it through for more than 3 seasons…Let’s get Atlantified!

Phaedra Parks

She is a Southern Belle who graduated at the University of Georgia Law School and throughout, she was also an accomplished equestrian. After graduation, Parks started The Park Group, a law firm. She has represented stars and has served as a legal analyst for Michael Jackson. Phaedra has authored a book ‘Secrets of the Southern Belle’ and currently owns more than 15 jobs, one being a mortician.

Now, when it comes to the show, this lady has so much affection for her 2 kids, Ayden and Dylan especially now when her husband Apollo is imprisoned. She is the biggest humorist in the group ready to spill (lethal, haaha) words where need be! Her ‘don’t care’ approach makes her unique but her hard-work is what made me rank her at the top. Phaedra leaves you with this note, “In my family, I am the judge and the jury”


Phaedra Parks with Kids; Ayden and courtesy:Unknown

Cynthia Bailey

Born in Alabama, 1967, Cynthia is an American supermodel, reality television star and actress. Cynthia considers her greatest accomplishment as a fashion model, was being photographed by photographer Annie Leibovitz for VANITY FAIR magazine alongside Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks. Personally, her greatest accomplishment is her daughter, Noelle. Cynthia credits her strong will & strong spiritual background for her success. “I believe in hard work, ambition, love, and positive affirmation,” says Cynthia “Everyone has a destiny. With faith in yourself & faith in God, you can accomplish anything. When you send that energy out to the universe it has to come back to you.”

In the show, this lady is the cool, down-to-earth sort of a woman. She is currently married to Peter.


Cynthia Bailey with daughter, Noelle- Photo Courtesy-Unknown

Kandi Burruss

She is an American singer-songwriter, television personality, actress, record producer and business woman. Kandi is also the pioneer of ‘Kandi-Koated Nights’ which is a program that is concerned with relationship discussions. Kandi is the richest with a net worth of $35 million. She earned her net worth mainly as a former member of the band Xscape and through songwriting and record producing. She has had a lot of success with both and went on to win several awards, including a Grammy, for her songwriting.

In the show, Kandi is the one that is cool with everyone. She has no personal issues with any of the ladies but where need be; she gets in front to defend herself. But what has Kandi got to tell the audience? “If you know we have an issue and I don’t know, then we don’t have an issue. You have an issue”.


Kandi during her wedding with daughters.
Photo Courtesy-Unknown

Nene Leakes

She is an American television personality, actor, host, author, and fashion designer. She is best known for her eight year stint on the show and she is the queen who makes all eyes fall on her, the spotlight is always on her! A perfect definition of a person with self-love that lies right at the ceiling, waiting for just a scorn to throw shade. Nene is everything to the show because she is undoubtedly the loudest and the most hilarious! I cannot stop myself from sharing some of her comments, those that can drive a normal man, mad! She once said to the other weird girls, “I am not gonna stab you on your back, Ima stab you on your chest, hahha” .Have a look at this one:


Nene Leakes. photo courtesy:unknown

Now, I will once again tell you this, Real Housewives has taught me that, “We are gone-with-the-wind-fabulous’ and that we should not keep whimpering at other people’s a**sses like puppies! Nene tells us confidently, “When I woke into the room, I own it”!

Kenya Moore

She is an American actress, model, producer, author, television personality, and entrepreneur. She is extremely jovial and spoilt for a row. Kenya is awkwardly made with a lifestyle that is unique and different. Kenya is the type that has so much inside, a horrible past but she keeps moving to the sky. She won’t start you unless you twirl for her (haha) and always has to remind people that, “I am Miss. USA, not Miss. Congeniality”. A bag of pride with a heart of gold!


Kenya Moore -Photo Courtesy-Unknown

Porsha Williams

She is an American television personality, model, actress and singer. She is also the lady that acts like a warrior and who is sometimes the’ tubelight’. Porsha ends our session with a word, “Unless they end the previous issues, they are always gonna have an agenda”.


Porsha Williams- Photo Courtesy-Unknown


You may wonder how I keep up with all the seasons and am not a devoted moviegoer, but what keeps me still on is the fact that this ladies are strong sapiosexuals, they have taught me that success is possible by hardwork and determination and they have also taught me to be strong for myself because some wicked people will always be on the run ready to destroy you at their slightest opportunity , and yes, the humor keeps me sailing to the end…till we read again, let’s keep Atlantified!




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