Time and what it really is.

How do you manage your time? How many hours do you have in a week? Why do you still complain about insufficient time? Where could you be going wrong?

A lot of times you spend your days raving and complaining about how little time you have and how much you have to do and accomplish that it’s so overwhelming. At the same time; you spend your nights ranting and instead of solving whatever issues you have on your plate, you scroll down to your illusion tool for those quick fixes, to just make you feel better about yourself and yet deep inside you are dying of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

I will tell you today that if someone brings you a bag with a hundred million dollars and the ability to have time on your hands; go for time. Unfortunately, that would never happen and for that case; you have to survive with whichever time you have, however little it might seem.

Let me get to the breakdown. A day consists of 24 hours. A week has 168 hours. Read that again. 168, yes. That is a lot of time. Let me estimate that you sleep 8 hours/night that becomes 56 hours in a week. Leaving you with 112 hours for other activities. Let’s assume you work as from 8am- 5pm, which gives you 63 hours with inclusion of Sundays. You still have 49 hours unused. How do you use these 49 hours? Given that I gave this estimate on the higher hand so that no one says that “But I also work on Sundays” and the sort.

Laura Vanderkam, a Time Management expert conducted a study and came to a conclusion that many people tend to overestimate their commitments every day and undervalue the valuable time that they have on their hands, that time is money. She based her study on the busiest of people and the results were the same; time is sufficient. What lacks is your ability to put first things first, to prioritize, to work on what is important and not what is urgent, and to make that choice and that is it.

An effective person keeps time for personal growth, for the family, the community and for everything that makes him or her happy. You sometimes tend to let go of your own personal improvements thinking that it is not very essential or time is not on your side. Time will never be on your side if you do not keep a plan, if you do not strategize, if you just do what your heart tells you to do at a particular time or at a given situation. This is not productivity, this is just being everywhere. And with such traits, you can never be able to measure your impact, your growth, and your achievements. You will just be like a tide that comes and goes. Your impact will never be felt and you will perish having not left that legacy that you wanted to leave in the first place.

Time management starts right as you wake up. Do you remember that the early bird catches the worm? Effectiveness starts with how you take your day as the sun rises each morning, how much different do you want your today to be in comparison to the previous day? Start with a prayer, prayers solve our endless problems and give us ease and bliss. Read the Quran, read a book to widen your scope of understanding and your sea of knowledge, watch a TED talk, exercise, meditate and then drink a glass of water. These acts may seem small but they can actually change your whole perspective for the whole day and make you feel energized and positive and productive.

Time managers, however busy they are, find time to read, to sharpen their saw, to gain more insights on a specific topic or two and to become better change-makers. Time-managers are set to propel their lives forward and not to fall into the claws of social media negative addiction and gossiping. I am no longer a slave to time, are you?







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    hey I now got my time under my control..
    49hours a week???Awesome

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