The irony is that the people we tend to vote for actually look down on voters and voting. That’s just idiotic, right? That’s like a snake eating its own tail! A wolf in a trap gnawing off its own head to escape!

~Steven Weber

Once again, it’s election time in Kenya. Are we ready to vote? And who are we voting for?

The WHO is the most essential part of this post.

I have always been astonished by the way our country runs and I remember a keynote point that someone told me in Canada, last year.

“The difference between African leaders and the Western leaders is one. All leaders do manipulate in some extent the funds of the country; however; the difference is their leaders EAT but HELP and our leaders; EAT and FORGET. That’s it.”

5 years back, I thought my Kenya would have taken strides forward. Why. Because there was the promise of free education and laptops for students and in my mind, I had already built some castles of hope and light. But I feel that maybe I did not listen well, it could be that I heard free lollipops instead.

And I recollect; I could walk to the Old Town in Mombasa with no fear or dread. But right now, youth are loitering around, chopping off people’s hands and stealing their possessions. Whenever I walk around sometimes, tears just flow down. I am forced to remember how peaceful my place used to be and how life was good for me. It was not that we had electric trains or google self-drive cycles; we did not even have the more-than-6-years-project- footbridge then. But we had peace. We could see so many familiar people on the streets and we could sit by the sea and observe the moon and the stars as bouquets of lilies clasped by the sky.

I can go on and on but it still comes back to Who are we voting for? When we vote, we entrust our Country to somebody that we know will do everything in his or her ability to provide us with better services, to provide us with satisfaction and to ensure that our Kenya is up there, shining, ranked among the countries with least corruption.

But right now; the artists have even formulated memes that hit us right on our foreheads. “My love for you is like corruption in Kenya, it will never end”. That is an example of how corrupt we are. We as Kenyans have the ability to grow, we have the ability because God gave us so much insight we can participate in any intellectual forum in the world.

But who is wrong? Can we say that these leaders partake in this game alone? Yes, we should call it a game because it has been ongoing, years and years…We got our independence just for the sake of it; but we are still so unsure about ourselves, or is it that we are so used to being pushed that we have lost that one steering wheel that can propel us forward?

Who is wrong?  Or where do we go wrong?

The worst thing is we don’t see through the eyes of these hyenas. We believe in them time and again. Money is flowing in from all corners right now and Mama Mboga is happy to have received a new lesso and some money; forgetting that that Kshs 500 will cost her someday. Doctors are striking, teachers are striking, hospitals are overflowing with people that have no one to take care of them, and we are losing souls. We are losing Kenyans and what is Kenya without its people.

Malindi, a major tourist destination in Kenya some years before is now rotting in financial constraints. The Billionaire Hotel, Oasis Beach Resort, Italian Gelati among others have now been closed because there are no more tourists. Why? The insecurity of the country has coupled up in the last 5 years and if we still think that we as Kenyans are ruled by tribalism, we will never get anywhere near first world development.

We as a country have the freedom to vote. We have the freedom to choose our success or our failure. I want us to contemplate deeply before we select a person who will not listen to our cries. Who will not be least bothered by our lives. I want us to vote CHANGE and that can be done, if together, we all join hands to elect capable Kenyans who will drive us out of all these miseries.

Please, vote wisely!

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