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A unique girl that was home-schooled before joining class 1, hers is a story that would make all ears turn wide open.  Raised by a single parent, Vinesenciah Gisore speaks of her story of courage, of valor, of the ability to try to distinguish herself from all the other girls of her age. Completely unbowed, she is the boss lady that is permanently tanned in a summer of bliss and her story is one of a kind.

Currently a 3rd year student at Moi University and the Founder of a Community Based Organization (OUT OF THE STREET), Gisore states that it has never been easy. What could have motivated her to come up with such an incredible initiative?

My first encounter with a street kid was back in 2005 when one of them rudely abused me and threatened to beat me up. I always had a negative attitude towards them until 2013; ALIVE Kenya organized a medical camp at MITS (Made in the Street) in Eastleigh, I was happy to know that there is a place that street kids have their worship services. Though they had no one to lean on or even a permanent source of food really saddened me. I believe everyone was created by God to fulfill a certain purpose in life. Even STREET CHILDREN have dreams that they would want to achieve.”

The humble 21 year old beauty dreams of seeing Africa as the next big thing and she believes that it is not impossible. Though the continent still undergoes a surge of street theft, an increase in the number of street families and a regression of the economy, she believes that one should keep dreaming lofty dreams because it is only what people dream that they actually end up to become.

Passionate about seeing people prosper, she explains that every time a kid clings on her clothes in town begging for money, every time she hears the screams of passengers when phones are snatched from their hands, every time she passes by the market and sees this kids deeply engrossed in drugs…her heart breaks down. Because she knows a great future lies before this kids.

And while walking on her strides for this few minutes, what have we learnt from this story founded on courage and rooted on community empowerment?

OTS (Out of the Street) was awarded “best organization 2016” in the Education Category by Global Give Back Circle.  Gaining attention from the United Nations Environmental Assembly 2015 and the International Youth NGO Summit, Gisore was actually called upon to present her initiative “STREET KIDS IN PLASTIC PROJECT”

Together with her team, they have visited about 500 households in Majengo Slums to educate them on children’s rights.  She also spearheaded OPERATION TOA MTOTO KWENYE STREET where she housed 5 street children and 2 others were enrolled into children homes where they still school. What makes her elated is the fact that she has achieved in linking some of the kids to their families.

She has also empowered some of the street children into entrepreneurship by piloting the TROLLEY PROJECT and STREET KIDS IN PLASTIC PROJECT (recycling plastics), she organizes the OTS FEEDING PROGRAMME that feeds more than 200 street kids and gives clothing to them for about 15 months and with her team, she holds medical checkups and treatments for the kids with their most successful one having been supported by Ahadi Kenya Trust.

Every other successful thing on earth has its fill of drawbacks, OTS is no exemption. The bold lady names her three main challenges as: Limited resources to stabilize projects , the city council harasses and beats up the children and unfortunately, some kids fail to open up hence difficult to trace their roots.

Her future hope is to open up rehabilitation centers for permanent residence of the kids, to establish a plastic recycling company to generate funds that will ensure more street kids get educated, to build a Street Library to keep the kids busy with books, to Conduct Community Civic Training in at least 3000 households by the end of the year and to work with professional counselors in the organization.

“I felt someone touch my hand softly; I thought my friend was confirming the sambaza number I had inserted on the screen….
I had always seen this happen to people on that street; I never imagined it would once be me. How his hand penetrated to the second seat and how he got away with my phone, is something I still can’t fathom.

NOW MORE THAN EVER I want to see these street boys out of the street. NOW MORE THAN EVER I want them to secure a permanent way of earning money, I want them to be proud of what they do rather than worry as they steal from people. I want them to drive the growth of our economy not regression.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, I want them to be the best entrepreneurs that they would jot down the best ways to ‘steal our money’, I want them to be the world’s top celebrities to ‘steal our audience’, I want them to campaign in the political world, this time not to steal our votes but to win them.”

This is the story of the young girl that believes that vision strives, thrives and drives the campaign in changing lives. And I cannot fail to agree that your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall unveil.






Author: salummy

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  1. big up viney for empowering street kids.
    thanks salmun for the great job

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  2. Aaaww..nice peace mommy thank you.

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    • you are welcome dear.. yes,,, we should see our dreams and those of our society come true..

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    • vinesenciah proud of you girl.is there a way somebody can join your organization.am in Nairobi and i would also like to do something constructive like helping the street kids

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  3. Proud of you ladies. Keep it up.

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